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We, at Aqua Mechanic, offer a great deal on pool equipment supplies to buy or on propane tank installation. Since 2006 the company has been offering you cutting-edge solutions and responding to your every need, providing tailor-made facilities equipped with cutting-edge devices able to ensure maximum comfort.

Whether you want to design classic in-ground pools or the creation of minimal design pools gets all kind of pool equipment with us at the best price. Also, we can provide you with all kinds of help with the Propane tank installation process.

Pool equipment supply

Discover all the necessary components and spare parts in a pool such as skimmers, bottom drains, nozzles, gaskets, and hydromassage nozzles through quality products. Choose your accessories and come and visit us in our Store

Propane pool heater for above ground pool
Gas Line Installation Service Near Me

Propane pipe & gas line installation

Propane pipe & gas line must preferably be laid outside the building (for example courtyards, perimeter walls, boundary walls, etc.) limiting as much as possible the path inside the premises and ensuring accessibility for any inspections and/or maintenance. Our experts understand the exact features and techniques to install it safely.

New Pool Installation & buy pool products

We offer complete and personalized technical assistance services, able to meet any need. Specialized in swimming pool installation, our experts follow all the latest techniques. You can also contact us to purchase accessories and equipment for the conservation of your pool.

Pool pump repair near me

About Propane - Pool repair, Properties and Combustion

Technical propane is an organic substance belonging to the class of alkanes. It can be natural and technical and is formed during the cracking of petroleum products. Propane is known as one of the most poisonous gases Some of the main properties are;

The minimum combustion temperature of propane is -35 ° C. Thanks to this; it is possible to work with the gas in any conditions. Propane spontaneously ignites, at normal atmospheric pressure. The combustion temperature of propane-butane ranges from 800 to 1970 ° C, the combustion flame of pure propane has a temperature of about 2526 ° C, and the heat capacity, on average, is 2110 ° C. In gas cutters, when mixed with oxygen from 1: 4 to 1: 5 (propane: oxygen), a flame temperature of up to 2830 ° C occurs. Combustible gases are in use for high-temperature flame formation during gas welding, soldering, heating, and other operations of heat treatment of metals. So when it comes to pool repair, it plays a major role. 


Yes, the basement room can be used as a pool if it has sufficient area. Water supply conditions must also be met & convenient access to the pool equipment.

When using a complex of water care products and filters, the quality of water in the pool should not deteriorate. The water is completely changed once a year. There are private pools where the water is changed every 2 years with proper maintenance.

The main types of disinfection used in the current time are chlorine disinfection, disinfection with active oxygen, and ultraviolet water treatment. Chlorine and oxygen disinfection is very effective and most suitable for public and commercial use of swimming pools.

Ultraviolet water treatment also performs one hundred percent destruction of viruses and bacteria. Ultraviolet light is especially valuable if pool visitors are allergic to chlorine.

There are two main types of lighting for swimming pools. The first type is a classic version of the backlight, which allows you to illuminate the water, and create a calm and cozy atmosphere. The second type is a backlight of more sophisticated equipment that creates a bright and unusual play of colors and colors, decorating the pool. There is also a third option for illuminating the pool – fiber-optic, but, as a rule, it is used only in combination with the first or second option.

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