Running a propane line from the tank to your house is not a difficult task, but it requires care and precision. The process only requires seven simple steps. So if you are going to install a propane line above ground, you have to read this till the end. But it’d be wise to hire a professional for the installation process.

Step-1 Find the right pipes install a propane line above ground

Before creating a connection, you need to make sure that the pipes are of good quality. There are different types of pipes available on the market that is used for has a connection, such as Cooper, brass, steel, and stainless steel. Before purchasing, make sure the material is allowed and legal in your area. Many places don’t allow to use of copper pipes.

Additionally, you have to be careful about the quality of the material. Choose the right quality pipe that will last of long.

Step-2 Prepare tools

Now that you got the pipes, it is time to prepare other tools for this job. You will need a drill to create a hole through the wall, pipe nipple, and a flaring tool. Some soap, water, brush, and a container will be needed as well.

Step-3 connect the pipes

Now it is time to connect the pipes. Find the fitting place on the pipe and screw that is top of the tank. You need to fit the screw tightly to establish a secure setup.

Drill hole

The best step is to drill a hole in the wall with the help of a drilling machine. Then start working through the wall and make sure the drill is big enough to fit the pipe. After creating the hole, remove all the debris so that pipe won’t get damaged.

Pass the pipe through the opening

Now it is time to move the pipe through the opening that you created. Check if the pile reaches the spot of the connection. Adjust the pipe if it doesn’t reach a lower spot.

Connect the pipe to the appliance

Now connect the pipe with the part of the appliance that will receive the file. Bust out the pipe flaring to make it compatible with the appliance. After working with the flaring too the pipe will fit into the opening, and you can use the pipe nipple to lock the connection.

Test the connection

The last step is to ensure the connection is well established between the propane tank and the appliances.  You can test it with the help of some water and soap. Mix the soap into the container in equal proportions. Then take out a brush and dip it into the water mixture. After that, turn off the appliance and then open up the propane tank to allow the fuel to pass through. After checking at the solution, and see if the bubbles are starting to form. If bubbles are forming, then the propane tank is leaking.

Then you have to check the connection again to solve the issue.

Call us for propane line installation

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