Pool automation is one of the latest technology available for all pool owners. The pool automation system is very common nowadays. You can operate your pool from thousand miles away with the help of pool automation equipment. If you are building a new pool or if you are remodeling an old one then you can easily install pool automation equipment to take the advantage of it. You will be just one touch away from operating your pool, how great is that?

Pool automation will give extension to your smart home and you will have the power at your fingertips. For pool automation system to work all you need is good internet connection and good automation equipment and you are good to go.

How does pool automation work?

Pool automation is actually very simple to understand, all you need is good internet connection to make it work from thousand miles away. The pool automation equipment will be the heart of the automation system. The pool automation equipment include pump, heater, and smart relays, that control additional devices. Also you will be able to operate all your equipment from the pool pad with the help of touchscreen control pads.

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You are just one call away from getting the best automation service for your pool from Aqua Mechanic. Pool automation system should be installed only by experienced professionals cause it involves so many things such as programming, equipment installation, and many more. So you can hire Aqua Mechanic without a doubt cause we are giving pool automation equipment as well as the service for so many years. Call us and be apart of our amazing Aqua Mechanic family.

pool automation equipment

pool automation equipment