Automation system is a system that provides you the advantage of operating a system even from a thousand miles away. It is always great to have the full control of your pool and spa even if you are far away. With the installation of pool and spa automation system you will be able to manage the entire system with the help of your smart phone.

Technology is growing day by day and it’s giving us an opportunity to grow with it as well. With the help of automation system you can schedule your pumps, make adjustments in your pool, turn on the spa while you are away. Your pool will be automated without you and when you come back you will enjoy the fresh water. Enjoy the swimming session with your automated pool system.

If you have a commercial pool then automation system can be best for you, you will be able to manage it even when you go on a vacation. All you have to do is to use your mobile to operate the pool automation system.

This automation process will need simple equipment such as internet, automation tools and you are good to go. You need to hire a good service provider who will give you best pool and spa automation service in a fair price. Lucky for you that we provide the best automation service in South Florida and near region.

Automatic system services from Aqua Mechanic

We are Aqua Mechanic and we have been providing all types of pool related services for last 15 years. We have worked for so many residential as well as commercial properties. We provide quality services in affordable price. We have experienced and knowledgeable employees who will install pool and spa automation system in your property in no time.

To have a stable pool automation system all you need is a power supply, internet connection, wireless connection, control hub, pool pad that will help you to operate your pool even without an internet connection. Aqua Mechanic will provide you all this equipment for your automation system at a fair price. Our employees will install it properly so that you can run your automated pool easily. To have an automation system in your pool you just have to call us. Call us to get the advantages of the pool and spa automated system today.

pool automation equipment

pool automation equipment