We all want to enjoy our pool in all weather, but it gets extremely difficult to do so in the cold weather. But fortunately, we can use a pool heater that would keep the water temperature at the right level even during the winter so that you can enjoy the pool session even when it is cold outside.

There are different types of pool heaters available in the market but above ground pool propane heater stands out from all of them because it is highly efficient and cost-effective than electric heaters. Additionally, the propane heater requires a little maintenance, which makes it the right choice for heating the pool. But if you want to use a propane heater, you need to know some facts first.


Above Ground Pool Propane Heater

Choose the right size.

You need a propane heater that is large enough to maintain the temperature level of the pool water. But you shouldn’t pick too large, or it will waste energy. Finding the right size is Not easy, but you can start with determining the temperature of the water that you want. Then consult a professional or the company that you will hire for the installation.

Determine the efficiency

Not all pool heaters are efficient, but the propane heater is highly efficient. The efficiency of the heater is determined by how much energy is required to warm the pool water. For example, if the efficiency of the heater is 90%, then the 10% energy will be lost during the healing process.

Filling of the propane tank

If you add propane gas to your heater, then the propane use will increase with time, and you have to be ready for it. Ask the service to get more Propane with each delivery so that you won’t run on of supply. You need to be prepared for every situation. If you own a commercial pool, then the Propane has consumption is likely to be more.

Hire Aquamechanic for the installation

As we have mentioned before, you will need a service for the above-ground pool propane heater installation. There are so many companies out there who offer this service, but you need to be careful while choosing a company. Dealing with Propane can be extremely dangerous, and there are chances of leakage, and that’s why you need a reliable and trusted company like us. We are Aqua mechanic, and we have decades of experience in this field.

We are a licensed and verified service provider, and we have a well-trained and highly experienced team. Our main goal is to offer the best installation service by taking all the safety precautions. We have served so many clients in these years, and all of them were very satisfied with our service. So if you are searching for a good service provider at an affordable price, then we are the best option.