Many people want to use their pools in the winter season, but there are scared of the chilled water. But fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, and it is called a pool heater.

The pool heater is the best thing for all the pool owners out there. If you are a pool owner, then you should also invest money in a pool heater. By investing once in the pool heater, you will enjoy its benefits for a long time. But there are so many pool heating solutions out there, and many people choose an above-ground pool heater propane tank for the heating solution.

Propane is an environmentally friendly gas, and it is the best alternative to the electric heater. It saves money, and at the same time highly efficient. Due to so many benefits, a propane heater becomes the first choice among all the propane heaters. But the main problem is how to choose the right propane tank size? And how big should it be?


above ground pool heater propane tank

There are some things you should consider to find out the answer to these questions, such as.

The pool size

How big is your pool? And is it a commercial pool or residential pool? The size of the pool plays a crucial role while finding the right tank size of the propane heater.

The logic is simple behind it because the bigger is the pool, the bigger tank you will need to the propane heater. So consider your pool size first.

How much do you use your above-ground pool heater?

After considering the pool size, you need to think about how much time you spend on your pool. For example, do you use your pool regularly? Do you use it once a week or a few times a month? The more you use your pool, the more propane you will need, and the bigger the size will be required for the propane tank. The commercial pool is used regularly and for longer intervals. That’s why you will need a bigger tank for your pool if you own a commercial pool.


Hire a service provider

Installing the above-ground pool heater propane tank all by yourself is not possible. You will need a professional service provider for it. Additionally, the company will tell you how big a tank you need for your pool. Take all these things into consideration, choose a tank. If you want to hire the best in the business, then contact us today. We are Aqua mechanic, and we are a family-owned business that deals with a wide range of pool services.  We have a highly experienced and skilled team who makes sure you won’t face any problems during the installation. We take all the safety precautions so that there will be no leakage. We have all the advanced tools and equipment to finish the job on time.